Gear review

Since my return from Bluff I have been asked questions about gear and this led on to what are my recommendations. The only way to work this out is to tramp overnight with what you have or can borrow and see what works for you.

Selecting my gear initially was expensive and I bought stuff naively and have remained with the best pick of pack and shelter. My kitchen has changed a lot

The first thing is to avoid buying until you have a clear idea by borrowing stuff and trying out what works for you. A sale is not a reason to buy anything unless it meets your gear needs.

What is important is the conditions you need to prepare for. Overnight camps in a hut is different than camping overnight outdoors where cold and conditions will dictate what you need.

I have reviewed all of my gear as I prepare for my next steps. I hope it helps sort your own style as you gather your kit together. Let me know below if you want to question my decisions, I welcome this as I too question them.

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