Day 2 Twilight – Bluff campsite

Twilight Beach – Bluff Campsite

27 Sept, 12 – 40km, 8:15hrs, 28km

Overcast, windy

I woke early to find a possum had chewed on my soaking muesli, it had also licked around my rubbish bag. After drying my tent I headed out at 8:15 with wet boots and feet.

Followed a four wheel drive track somewhere through a swamp too. That is where I lost my sitting pad, it fell from a pocket so everything is tied on now.

Followed a path from the campsite to the beach, birds shot out from the scrub as I passed. The steps down and onto the beach was exciting, let the beach walk begin. When I arrived at the Bluff campsite I was thrilled to see another tent there all set up. There was a cold shower, tap with good water, toilet and plenty of space.

As I pitched my tent stretched out inserting the end stakes I got cramp in my leg. My tent tumbled down around me. I enjoyed cooking my first home dried meal. Tasted great!

It was cold and windy, into bed and asleep by the time the sun went down.

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