Day 76 Waiau Hut to Anne Hut

26 Jan, 28km, warm, sunny

Wayne left the hut first and I followed soon after. Sine was painting each hut she stayed in and she said they would leave a bit later.

The track went down river flats in easy walking, through a little bush. Loads of butterflies and pretty river banks with wild flowers.

The track had flowers on each side sewn from trampers spreading the seeds.

The walk went trough Ada Flats, St James Station Ada Homestead and was hot and uneventful. This land is huge it takes forever to walk through these grass flats.

Ahead I found Wayne chatting with a NOBO as they sat and ate their morning tea. I walked with Wayne the rest of the day from here.

The track crossed Henry River and onto Anne flats, it was a long hot walk to get to Anne Hut.

I arrived a little earlier than Wayne. Clo and Sine followed soon after. A night in the middle of a huge grass land in the howling wind. Beautiful picture windows, double glazed and very comfortable.

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