Day 42 Levin – Waikanae

22 Nov

There was heavy rain early evening and through out the night. When I woke this morning in Levin the day looked promising, I was glad of my warm bed and wifi last night.

Tararua Range was hidden in the clouds on dusk and is the same this morning. I’m so glad I was not up there through that rain.

After a hot shower and general personal clean up I headed for breakfast and a bus ticket to Waikanae. Yep 10:40 it leaves, perfect.

I read a blog of a couple walking ahead having completed 600km too. I’m guessing of a similar age and little tramping experience like me. They wrote of their perceived challenges of long days to meet the next stop. Snap! They overcame this by deciding to walk 5 – 6 hours a day. I’ll see how that goes.

Leo Wilson introduced himself, he is 82 and has lived in the Holiday Park in his van for 8 years. He cares for people’s gardens and a regular at mass. He blessed me good safety on my walk. He must have known I needed some intervention.

When the bus arrived a lady stopped to talk about teenage depression and over her shoulder I saw the bus driver waving me to hurry up, he’s running late!!!! That pressure again.

I bought a book at the Sally shop, walked to my camp for the night and set up my fly only on the lawn.

I sent extra gear on to Wellington and while in town I found these young ones. They said they had been at the river after school. Notice they each had a squirt of sauce in front of each of them.

I also ran into other TA’s Anton and Desiree.

On arriving back at camp three other TAs arrived. Hils, Tom and Stew I had also met them at different times.

We walked into town later for a burger and a beer. Walked back to camp just on sunset. It should be a nice day tomorrow.

A relaxing day walking only to and from camps. Bus from Levin to Waikanae.

Sculpture at Waikanae Mall
The entrance to the River Pa
Pines growing uphill from these houses

One thought on “Day 42 Levin – Waikanae

  1. You are cracking along and I am glad you have left out parts which will be hideous in mud and rain – that is not enjoyable walking and you can always get in your car and do some day walks to join the dots – great to see there is a good ‘community’ of people as you catch up from time to time! Love the TA concept too

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