Day 24 Whakahoro

Thursday, 4 Nov

Zero day, Whakahoro, Blue Duck Station

The chaos continued this morning, as the family departed, I made my breakfast and a cuppa and returned to my room.

It doesn’t take long to sort and clean your pack. I headed to the cafe that was closed due to the few people around, tours and lamb docking.

I had organized wifi that was only available at the cafe location. After a while with people coming and going the owner turned up and said he will be back in half an hour. Great I said you let me in and I’ll make you a flat white.

He returned and I did just that! Nicky would be happy her barista training is set for life.

After a while the farm workers arrived for lunch as they shifted locations. I was impressed with the culture of the staff, their friendliness and the quality of conversations they had with each other especially the children. This is Mackenzie Rainbow putting flowers on the table for ‘hard workers’.

I was encouraged to take the time to stop at the falls searching for blue duck chicks. I had an explanation of the unstable rock below the earth surface plus lots of detail about lamb docking and care.

I utilised the wifi catching up with planning the next stage to Whanganui and beyond and then explored the station. Key staff drive these ATV’s they bumble around everywhere.

From my cabin the fire roars to dry laundry and kayaks paddle around the corner. A beautiful spot.

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