Day 69 St Arnaud

19 Dec, zero day

Lake Rotoiti

Into the ‘clean everything’ mode early today, get the clothes, boots and pack scrubbed up ready for the next outing.

I have decided to take a break after leaving Cape Reinga 14 weeks ago. The logistics to return to Tauranga were full steam ahead, organise bus and boat transport. The sunrise was spectacular.

Good morning
Tui at first light

While waiting for 8:00 for the cafe and reception to open a couple of oldie bikers wanted a toilet so I let them in to use the Alpine Lodge bathrooms.

It took no time to later scope out the town of St Arnaud and DOC centre. Lake Rotoiti and its jetty are well photographed, the eels must be regularly fed under the bridge they wereplump and plentiful.

Eels larger than your arm.
All in together, swans ducks and eels.

The washing was underway next was breakfast.

Num num

I met Marty for coffee mid morning at Alpine Lodge. It was wonderful to debrief the Richmond, our decisions and count our injuries. I was surprised that he found this section equally hard and to learn that crossing rivers in a large group was a challenge also. I made all those decisions and acted on them as a solo walker.

I managed to get a ride arranged to Nelson for the next day before I waited for Marty to take me to the Woodcutter’s Lodge where he and his wife Bobby were staying.

We had a lovely lamb dinner and some wine and chatted until dark. A pleasant evening.

The end of another rest day.

The evening sky

The two wires, electric power line and washing line at dusk.

Good night..
Responsible stag
It’s Christmas.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, sending loads of fun and laughter to you.

I will be back to let you know my plan to finish the TA very soon.

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