Who am I?

Hi, I’m Sandra and about to take the biggest leap of my life.

Mum’s about to leave home and go for a loong walk!

I feel settled having decided to walk Te Araroa, I’d rather have my boots on the ground rather than my foot on the peddle. By travelling by car you can get to places fairly quickly, but why not walk and experience the land as many have done in the past? I know my country well by road yet my experience in the back blocks is lacking, this will be no afternoon walk.

I’ve met new friends on multi-day hikes and I’m looking forward to sharing the walk from Cape Reinga to Bluff with many more. I’m not a purist WES ‘Walk Every Step’ hiker yet I’m keen and flexible to meet the challenging situations I know are ahead.

It’s nice not to have challenging time frames at work however it is a massive adjustment to stop working. Retirement is a chance to fill each day doing what I enjoy. Recently I’ve been island hopping; Great Barrier Island, Chatham and Pitt Island with many more islands to go.  I enjoy what islands offer in wild life, birds and conservation.

My life goal is to remain healthy, be involved in the natural world, and to live and enjoy life at a walking pace.