Nailed it – job done

12 March, return to Invercargill and transit home.
The rain and wind belted down overnight. The old Bluff post office building rattled and shook with the wind.

An impressive history here 1900.

As a historian this building reeked in history. Little signs still showing of it’s early days.

It was a gloomy morning but the overnight wind and rain had stopped.

I had booked the ferry bus back to Invercargill at 9:00 so was up and about at the usual walking hour.

I had breakfast in the lounge with the shearer who had stayed in the hostel for 3 months.

It’s always good to look back at the track from a vehicle. I was back in Invercargill within the hour and was dropped off at Tuatara Backpackers. I booked in untill Thurs morning.

My second breakfast was in the cafe where I began to catch up on the posts I had not yet written or published. Other track admin included ordering a TA patch for my beanie and buying the medal.

I have so many other walker posts to read and enjoy. It’s such a diverse country to walk through. The experience each of us has depends on simple things yet the outcome is so vastly different.

There was a cold wind and patches of rain so the raincoat continued to be worn outside.

Invercargill has a lot of building works going on but I headed out exploring the city noticing the difference without a pack.

Once I had access to my dorm at 1:30 I uplifted my stored gear and found my room and settled in. Ooh so nice to not move for a few days.

I sat in the corner of the cafe writing till quite late before cooking my dinner in the Backpackers.

I shared photos with Bex and Max and posted my last Te Araroa Instagram + Facebook post.

This is my last Blog on my Te Araroa experience. I haven’t yet worked out a statement to explain how incredible these last 5 months have been. I will and post as a final full stop. Until then, I appreciate all the support you have shown in signing up to my blog.

Who would ever have thought I could achieve this?

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