Day 44 The Escarpment, Ara Harakeke – Paremata, Wellington Central

24 Nov, 26km

A quick exit from Paekakariki Holiday Park cabin this morning.

The track was a nice tree lined urban track next to SH1 before weaving it’s way high above the road.

Lots of stair cases to climb up high with great views.

It was steep, often narrow with two swing bridges. Such a nice day there were a lots of people out walking, running or hiking the zig zag tracks.

At Pukerua Bay the track lead to Ara Harekeke. There was a gathering at the ice cream dairy. Hils, Tom and Stew, I walked with Stew a while and left him speaking to Susan on the track. She was walking the opposite way but had many questions to ask about TA.

From Pukerua Bay the track went to Plimmerton and on to Paremata where I jumped onto the train to Wellington to meet my son where I will stay as I complete the last Wellington section.

In Wellington I walked Wellington City taking me from the railway station through to Oriental Bay.

There was a lot of activity around the bridge at Mana.

Statements like this were on several of the seats across the walk.

Tui and butterflies were plentiful.

It was a long hot day, great views, road walking and lots more people around as I approach city life.

One thought on “Day 44 The Escarpment, Ara Harakeke – Paremata, Wellington Central

  1. What amazing views from up there. Those aged over 65 who travel on public transport between 9AM & 3PM are generally able to do so gratis with their Gold Card. Will Tom introduce you to all the party gigs with the weekend coming up? Go well.


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