Day 43 Waikanae – Paekakariki

23 Nov, 22km

Waikanae River, Paraparaumu, Raumati South and Queen Elizabeth Park.

The birdsong this morning began early and was full on at River Pa. This is a place for TA walkers to crash after the Turarua Range climb and descent. A family affair with many buildings and a site for Paul a builder to store his builders collection of stuff.

Most people camp in the old church but I preferred being outside.

Back to the birds, mainly city birds but so many of them close and far away all joining in.

The wind was cool and refreshing drifting in under the fly throughout the night. I was warm and dry all night but the fly was wet with dew this morning.

I packed up and was gone by 6:30.

The sun was just showing up in the background.

The first walk was along side of the Waikanae River. There have been historical battles for land occupation along the river in 1860 by Maori.

The start of the walk, large old and stately trees.
The Tararua Range in behind

Vegetation blocked the river most of the way but you could hear it ambling along.

My favourite shot of the river, early morning.
At the other end before it becomes a salt marsh.
So many school kids rode their bikes along the river to school. That was cool to see.

The track crossed under the Waikanae expressway. You could hear the traffic racing to get to their workplaces.

And carried on into the Otaihanga Estuary. This is a scientific reserve that leads into the marine reserve at the beach end. Whitbaiters enjoyed the last days of the season. In between there were salt and fresh water mixing making the salt marshes.

At the beach

The track took me along the beach. So many people were out walking dogs and exercising.

An enjoyable walk with so much going on. I passed the boat launch area for Kapiti Island tours. Kapiti was so close to the mainland.

I stopped off at Raumati Beach for a coffee and morning tea. Passed people just having fun.

These two sisters, Maria and Sonia were off for a bike ride together and entertained me for a while in the street.

The final track was the Coastal Track through to Paekakariki. I’ll let the pictures tell the story. Kapiti Island looked splendid on a sunny day.

The southern Tararua Range

The South Island could be seen a little later.

A range of colours, definitely the South Island

And then I arrived at my cabin at the Holiday Park and cleaned all my gear, removed all the sand and seawater, dried out the fly and enjoyed the afternoon rest.

A really enjoyable day with beautiful views and a lot of variety. So many dogs and people on the beach made lots of variety.

One thought on “Day 43 Waikanae – Paekakariki

  1. Your pic of Sth Is could be an oil painting. I sense a change from just before you decided to come off the Tararua’s. Ooogh – you’ll be commuting – maybe even by train!??? City life is catching up to you.
    . .


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